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Centre for Innovative, Management & Technological Research (CIMTR)

Sabah Branch aims to produce high-quality and impactful research papers in computer science, hospitality and tourism, accounting, marketing, finance, economics, and other business-related disciplines; provide consultancy services; and establish collaborative partnerships with academics, business, non-profit, government, and non-government organizations. In addition, the Centre also provides relevant training pertaining to research methodology to our staff and students in order to cultivate strong research culture in the Branch.


   i.  Objectives


ii.  Vision Statement


The Centre endeavors to become an active, dynamic, and multidisciplinary research center in Advanced Computational Intelligence, Business Analytics, Strategic Management, and Sustainable Tourism.

iii.  Operation and Activities


The main focus of the centre is to produce high-quality research output. Hence, members of centre will actively participate in group research depending on their areas of specialization. To improve lecturers’ research skills and to elevate staff strength, the centre will organize research seminars and workshops from time to time. Besides, the centre will provide consultancy services to industries, government agencies, and the community. 



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